Spreading the health benefits of forest bathing is one of our missions as a sustainable rural tourism project. That is why we are very grateful when media pay attention to these wellness practices.

We are very grateful to the programme El Bosque Encantado (The Enchanted Forest), from Aragón TV, which visited us last November. Mariano Navascués and the whole team learned about this sensory experience of immersion and total connection with nature from Teresa, our forest bathing guide.

As you know, a forest bath is the most pleasant and natural way to fight stress, our real pandemic, the source of many of our physical and mental illnesses. And also to isolate ourselves for a few hours from the multitude of stimuli with which technology bombards us. We need that time that is «stolen» for us, to regain the right to spaces free of technology and stimuli.

The forests are our home, we leave them, that’s why when we return we feel so deeply good just being. It is an ancestral connection that lives in us.

Here is a summary of the programme with the forest bath we did for them, with whom we also shared our recipes for rosehip and hypericum oil. They are easy to make and have many beneficial properties.

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