A perfect weekend between the Gúdar and Javalambre mountains

The imposing sierras of Gúdar and Javalambre, closed in on themselves, have created an inland world rich in nature, traditions, ancestral flavours and beautiful visual and sound landscapes: the Olba Valley. In this region in the south of Teruel, on the border with the province of Valencia, luxury means space and silence.

Are you looking for a quiet getaway, without notifications or screens, or do you prefer a holiday with action and adventure?

We have plans for all tastes!


Morning. Stay in Olba and discover this small and unknown valley of Teruel. The Casa de Los Moyas is next to the river Mijares, so in summer the excursions end with a dip in one of its natural pools. You can visit the trenches of the Civil War, the Fuente de la Salud and its aqueduct, or stroll through the picturesque streets of the village where the great couturier Manuel Pertegaz was born.

Un fin de semana perfecto en las sierras de Gúdar y Javalambre ruta en Bicicleta

If you prefer something more active, you can go climbing, canyoning, canoeing with expert guides and mountain bike or road bike routes.

For lunch, there are several options available in the village.

Afternoon. Rubielos de Mora, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, is a 10-minute drive from our house. The whole village is a historical and monumental site that you have to walk through without haste to discover its palatial houses and the stories that each of its lampposts hold. A few kilometres away you will find Mora de Rubielos. Don’t miss its castle, one of the best preserved in Aragon. If you like shopping, you’ll enjoy its various sports clothing outlets, such as Adidas.

Night. After dinner, you have to look at the sky, so we invite you to climb up to the threshing floor of La Casa de Los Moyas, our own private star observatory. Contemplating the night sky from here, without light pollution, surrounded by silence and nature, is quite a spectacle. Olba is part of one of the few Starlight reserves in Spain and is a Starlight tourist destination as it is an ideal place to contemplate the starry skies.


Morning. We head for Puertomingalvo, another of Spain’s most beautiful villages. On the way you can stop at other worthwhile villages, such as Valdelinares (the highest village in Spain, which opens its ski slopes in winter), Linares de Mora and Mosqueruela.

A perfect weekend between the Gúdar and Javalambre mountains

Afternoon. You can stroll along the botanical path that starts from the door of our house and ends in the village after crossing a wooden bridge over the river. It takes a bit more than one hour and is without a doubt one of the special corners of this valley.

Night. Nada mejor que una barbacoa en nuestra terraza exterior, que ocupa lo que antiguamente fue un gran cubo de vino. Por supuesto, con ternasco de Aragón y embutidos artesanos de la zona.

Casa Rural en Teruel - La Casa de los Moyas


Por la mañana. Take a forest bath with Teresa, a certified guide in this practice originating in Japan, which is committed to reconnecting with nature through conscious walks in the forest. It is an experience that calms the mind, balances blood pressure and boosts memory and creativity – an excellent antidote to stress!

Baños de bosque en las sierras de Gúdar y Javalambre

If you prefer to go on your own, you can choose to go up to the threshing floor to do some yoga or unguided meditation surrounded by nature or simply take a walk around the house to the river enjoying the tranquility, sounds and scents of nature.

Por la tarde. Why not finish the day watching the birds that live around our rural house? Look at the colours of their plumage, the disposition of their bodies, their song… Watching them is a pleasant and relaxing experience that anchors us in the present.

The mind, absorbed in this spectacle, becomes completely calm and these minutes of concentration on the dance of the birds bring a great sense of serenity and well-being.


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