Health tourism in Teruel

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We all need fresh air. When we breathe pure air, far from the city, it enters our lungs like medicine. We all need fresh air. And opting for health tourism in Teruel is a great option to get it.

Forests, are huge generators of oxygen and pure air, and therefore spaces of health. We all know that. But did you know that forests generate atmospheres that boost and strengthen our immune system? It is fascinating how nature can help us recover our health simply by being, walking and breathing.

The healing atmospheres generated by forests are full of phytoncides, volatile essential oils produced by plants and trees that not only have an important antimicrobial activity, but also produce relaxing and stress-relieving effects. This translates into lowering our blood pressure, slowing our heartbeat. And, most importantly, these phytoncides increase the number and activity of human defense cells (known as natural killer cells) and boost the activity of anti-cancer proteins.

Health tourism in Teruel: what you need to know

The atmosphere of the forests of the Olba valley is made up of pines, holm oaks, oaks, servals, strawberry trees, holly trees, hawthorns, maples, kermes oaks, rockroses, mastic trees, heather…

And how can we absorb the benefits of these atmospheres? Everyone must choose their own way: meditative walks, hiking, mountain biking, nordic walking, trail running, fell running… and even asparagus or mushrooms hunting!

If anything characterises La Casa de Los Moyas is that it is totally immersed in nature, surrounded by mountain forests, but also by the riverside forest that flanks the banks of the Mijares, our river. Ash trees, willows, elms, poplars, poplars… Nothing like a swim in the cool waters of the river and a picnic under the poplars in summer.

We have no doubt: the simple life is the best life.

Health tourism in Teruel


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