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Puente Olba

The hidden valley of Olba is one of the most beautiful and unknown natural spaces in Aragon. It is part of Natura 2000, a European ecological network of biodiversity conservation areas, within the protected space “Los Estrechos del Río Mijares” and, we must warn you!, it will captivate anyone who visits it.

The heart of the valley is the river, which is why families settled on its banks, scattered here and there, giving their names to the neighbourhoods-villages (the barrios) that we know today.

The Olba valley is an exceptional place to enjoy pure nature. Olba is a destination for those who appreciate and respect nature, who want to observe and learn from the rural environment.

The ecotourism in Teruel that you can find here ranges from the water of the river to the light of the stars, it gets lost in the forests, climbs to peaks that overlook incredible landscapes, and is perceived through all the senses, with its balsamic horizons, the sound of water and the singing of birds, the touch of vegetation on the paths, the smells of the mountains and the taste of the delicious black truffle, which grows at the foot of the holm oaks.

It is also an ideal place for forest bathing, an activity in which we are pioneers. Choose your ecotourism activities in Teruel among those that we propose below, or ask us and we will recommend the one that best suits you.

Ecotourism activities in Teruel

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ecoturismo en Teruel

Enjoy ecotourism in Teruel - Discover the Olba Valley

It could actually be said that there are two valleys in Olba: one is visible to everyone, where the river flows peacefully and forms its fertile plain. To get to know the other, you have to go into the hoces, a rugged and wild landscape where the river Mijares flows through a gorge. In the enormous stone walls of the Molino de la Hoz, the ancient settlers dug more than 30 caves and shelters. The area is so steep that it has become a popular climbing destination.

Olba is not only a natural paradise, but also a haven of rural culture. With depopulation many of the old orchards were lost, but there are still some people producing organic vegetables and hundreds of terraces supported by dry stone walls, an art that has been declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Emigrant farmers left their heritage here: stone houses, a network of medieval irrigation channels with its mines and buddles, and a network of cattle tracks that connected the last village of Teruel (Olba) with Castellón and Valencia.

The space left by man was reclaimed by nature. And with the plant species came the animals. Today, in the forests of pines, holm oaks, maples, gall oaks, junipers live roe deer, mountain goats, foxes, wild boars, genets and badgers. In the riverside woodland, among the poplars, ashes, willows, elms and poplars sing nightingales, blackbirds, blackbirds, greenfinches, titmice, warblers, orioles and many more.

We have a lot of richness left to share. An extraordinary visual, sonorous and cultural landscape that will make your stay in Olba a unique experience.

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